We are happy to announce our new crowdfunding campaign via "Voordekunst". From today on, you can support our Double Debut Album, which consists of two fantastic new dutch string quartets written by Maarten ter Horst.


M U S I C I A N S :

Stella Zake - Violin

Marieke Kosters - Violin

Lotus de Vries - Viola

Renate Apperloo - Violoncello





Helikon Quartet:

inspired by Mount Helicon and it’s poetic muses, is an adventurous and versatile string quartet.

The quartet consists of four young women, all in the starting blocks of their careers, with a great willingness to work together to one common goal: creating musical purity. As they are involved in global issues, they see the importance of bringing out their personal message to their audience and followers. They did so by creating extraordinary programs about climate change and the destructive nature of human beings. 

Working together with composers on pieces commissioned for them, gave them interesting and eye opening insights to the mind of a composer. Programming new music is an important way to let the voice of the present be heard, as it is a reflection of society. Combining this with their refreshing interpretation of the great string quartet repertoire, the Helikon Quartet can assure it’s audience a one of a kind concert experience.